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After what seems like forever, it is now possible for us to begin to meet in person once again.  While I am excited at the prospect of live services resuming, I am very aware of the some of the risks that remain as my mother is currently stricken with Covid-19 and has double pneumonia.  So, I want to say at the outset that there is NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER for you to feel like you have to join us in person immediately.  I fully respect that the choice whether or not to attend is a personal one and must be made on an individual basis.  If you are concerned or feel like you are uncertain, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as to when you re-join us.  Remember, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus whatever you choose.  If you come, we will take every possible precaution to keep you healthy! 

With that said, in addition to Governor Holcomb’s easing of restrictions, I have also received approval for re-opening from the Indiana District Office (our church board) and our insurance carrier.  However, to comply with the re-opening guidelines, there are some temporary changes that we must implement and I must ask you to respect and adhere to for the next few weeks.  These are issues that have been mandated by leadership and I am obligated to follow, for your safety and for the good of our local church.  Some of these things will be the responsibility of the church, others will be your responsibility.  Together, we will navigate through these temporary restrictions until July when all things should return to “normal.”

Great effort will be made by Natalie, Ashton and I to have the church cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival.

Changes and Safety Measures Implemented by the Church.  (Beginning May 10 until further notice)

  • Church staff will wear masks and, if available, gloves to minimize cross contamination.  This will not apply to Pastor who will remain on the platform during the entirety of the service.

  • All attendees must enter by the doors leading to the Fellowship Hall and exit through the doors from the Sanctuary.  This will create a one-way traffic pattern and minimize touching surfaces.  Natalie will act as greeter and keep the doors open for you to enter without touching the door handles.

  • Attendees are STRONGLY URGED to wear masks and gloves.  The church does not have access to a supply to provide you at this time.  If you come, I cannot guarantee to be able to give you a mask or pair of gloves.

  • By direct order of the state – there shall be no nursery or children’s church.  We are required to not permit access to the nursery or church offices for the time being.  The kitchen and welcome station will also be closed.

  • Please go directly to your seats and sit together with family.  Refrain from visiting.

  • Every other row of seats will be closed off.  If the numbers require that you share a row with another family or individual, you must keep at least two empty seats between groups or persons.

  • Restrooms will be closed – except for emergencies.  (I know this is a pain, but it is one of the requirements of the District Office. If you must use the restroom, it will have to be wiped down before someone else can use it again.)

  • The service length will be no longer than 60 minutes.  Service will start promptly at 10:30AM and will conclude by 11:30AM.  PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ARRIVE PROMPTLY FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.

  • There will be no laying on of hands for the next few weeks.  Prayer will be done in a general manner.  Should one feel compelled to approach the altar, that is permissible, however, please try to maintain a six foot separation between yourself and others.

  • Offering will be received by dropping your envelope or gift in the plate by the doors as you exit.  We will not “pass the plate” for the next few weeks.  Offering envelopes will be under the seats in front of you.  ONLY TOUCH THEM IF YOU ARE USING THEM FOR THE OFFERING.  Online giving and text-to-give options will continue to be available.

  • After service, please remain in your seats until you are dismissed by row by an usher.

  • Please have your offering ready to place in the plate as you exit.  Please do not congregate in the foyer, or outside the doors.  If you wish to socialize with others outside, that is your choice, but I would ask you to be thoughtful of others and gracious and respectful if people seem to “keep their distance.”  This season will pass quickly!

Many of these restrictions will be eased by June 13th and the remainder by July 4th providing there is no change in the rules as established by the Governor.

Now, I know that these restrictions will be especially difficult for families with small children.  I hope you all know me well enough to know that I love children.  I can’t wait to give Nova a big hug.  And the same goes for Natalie as well, but the hard truth is that all children MUST be able to stay in their seat for the duration of the service and may not be set free to run around and “visit.”  This is the part that I truly dislike, but it something that we must do.  If you have a little one who may not be able to sit for 60 minutes, please bear with us and hold off on coming back until the all-clear is given.  I hate to even have to write that, but it is something we must be strict on for just a little while longer.  My first job is to protect the flock spiritually.  My second one is to protect the flock physically as much as I can.  I have seen first-hand what this virus can do to my mother.  I would not wish that ANY of you ever go through this.

These SHORT-TERM measures may seem restrictive or “over the top” but I am required to follow them and I am asking you for your compliance as well.  One thing I promise you: when this is all over, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BIGGEST CHURCH PARTY YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! 

That about covers it.  It will be an odd mix of excitement and awkwardness this Sunday.  Things will be a little different at first, but I thank the Lord is going to show up mightily this Sunday.  Please begin to pray now and ask the Holy Spirit to move like He has never done before.  I truly believe that we – the church – is about to enter the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen.  The revival we have been longing for is at hand.  And it will begin in the house of the Lord!!  Amen and Amen!

I can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Rev. Michael Becht


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